About TK Products

With years of breeding, training, field trials, hunting and boarding English Setters and other gun dogs we have had the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t with most pet products.

After training and owning several multiple Champion Field Trial dogs you really begin to see the importance of having a safe dog pen and a secure dog kennel environment for your dogs

A key factor to being competitive in the field trial world is keeping your dogs safe and injury free throughout the season, this is why we developed our Pro-Series line of high quality dog kennels. Keep your pet safe, secure and comfortable and he will not only be happier but he will also give you his best every time out.

The reason for starting TK Products was seeing the need for a quality, high end product at a competitive price. Over the years of field trials and raising English Setters in the West Michigan area I have used several of the current brand dog kennels and dog pens and none of them could hold up to normal use in my kennel for more than a few years before they rusted out and just fell apart.

When I contacted the suppliers of these brands they just told me that what I was seeing was a normal life expectancy for their products and to just replace them with new kennel panels, wrong answer. Our goal is to create high quality products that are designed to use and built to last.

TK Products designs and creates high quality dog kennels and dog pens that are meant to be used and are built to last!