What makes the Pro-Series kennels last longer?

Our kennels are hot dip galvanized to a minimum of 5 mills thick after all welding and assembly which coats the outside and inside of every weld and surface. Other brand kennels will claim to be galvanized after welding, but close inspection will reveal that the welded joints have just been hand painted with galvanized paint which only coats the outside and leaves the inside raw metal which WILL rust.

What is the frame of the Pro-Series Kennels made of?

Each Pro-Series heavy duty kennel panel utilizes 1 ¼” square tubing frame with welded mitered corners for superior strength and appearance. The top mitered corner design also eliminates all dirt and debris from entering the top of the frame and corroding it from the inside out. Most of the other brand kennels have frames that are wide open on top. Also, using square tube kennel frames provides a more positive means to secure two panels together.

What size is the welded wire mesh?

Our welded wire mesh has 2”x4” openings and 6 gauge wire. Every end of the mesh is inserted into a pre-drilled hole in the frame then welded. Inserting the ends into the frame before welding makes the entire panel much stronger and more importantly safer by eliminating broken welds that can cause wires to stick out and injure your pets.

What is the Handle made of?

Each Pro-Series kennel door utilizes a solid stainless steel lockable handle assembly which also includes an internal stainless steel spring that helps hold the latch closed to prevent your dog from opening the door. This makes for a safe and secure kennel and still allows for a convenient one hand door opening. The handle is also designed to except a pad lock or clasp for a more secure application if needed.

How long is your warranty?

All TK Products Pro-Series kennels come with a 5 year warranty which greatly surpasses anyone in the kennel business.