Top Mesh Panel For Dog Kennels, Cages & Enclosures

Hot-Dip Galvanized Top Mesh Panels for Kennels & Other Animal Enclosures

Adding top mesh panels to a dog kennel is a great way to keep an animal safe while maintaining plenty of airflow from all sides. To complement our galvanized steel animal enclosures, our top mesh panels for dog kennels are available as a separate purchase.

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Why Buy a Top Mesh Panel for a Dog Kennel?

If you have an escape artist as a pet, adding a top panel to your dog kennel may be your only option for keeping your animal safe and secure. With one of TK Products’ top mesh panels for dog runs or enclosures, owners can enjoy a safe, long-lasting crate cover that maintains the aesthetics of the entire enclosure.

What are the Benefits of Having a Top Panel on a Kennel?

By adding a top mesh panel, you can safely assume that there is no way for your dog to exit the kennel. As our panels are designed to seamlessly fit flush with our heavy-duty kennels, it is extremely easy to install the safest and most secure roof possible.

With a durable mesh panel, dog kennels can also be used to adequately provide shelter for a wide variety of animal species besides our beloved canines. With a fully enclosed environment, our top mesh panels for kennels work well to also house lizards, birds, cats, and more.

Complete Your Cage Or Enclosure With One Of The Leading Top Mesh Panels For A Dog Kennel.

TK Products offers top mesh panels for dog runs and kennels both large and small, coinciding with our most popular enclosure sizes. For ultimate ease of assembly and use, all our top mesh dog kennel panel purchases include self-drilling mounting screws. Please contact us today if you have any questions about our long-lasting kennel products.