5 Foot Wide Kennels & Dog Runs

5-Foot-Wide Galvanized Steel Dog Kennels With Stainless-Steel Hardware

TK Products is a proud supplier of high-quality dog enclosures, ready to ship your next 5-foot-wide kennel. Our 5-foot-wide dog kennels for sale come in multiple run options, with choices up to 10 feet long. Rated for both indoor and outdoor use, our long-lasting galvanized steel dog runs are perfect for homes and commercial dog boarding of all kinds.

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Why Choose TK Products for Your 5FT Wide Dog Kennels?

TK Products 5-foot-wide dog kennels are among the highest quality available online today, with a 5-year warranty on all our animal pens. Our steel dog run kennels are dipped in a special galvanized coating after careful assembly and welding, ensuring years of safe and rust-free use.

Beyond our 5-foot-wide dog kennels for sale, TK Products also supplies durable accessories like top-mesh and isolation panels to complete your perfect dog run. With stainless steel handles and debris-resistant mitered corners, our attractive enclosures both work effectively and look great while doing so.

Aside from just man’s best friend, our 5-foot-wide dog kennels can also be used to safely house a large number of other pet species within the 4 inch by 2 inch mesh wire openings.


For questions about retail and wholesale 5-foot-wide dog kennel orders, feel free to contact TK Products today. Our team is happy to quote and accommodate large orders.

5-foot-wide dog kennels can be purchased alongside any one of our other products, with run quantity and dimension diversity adhering to every kind of animal boarding instance.