Isolation Panels

Isolation Panels for Dog Kennels

To help our customers perfect their dog runs, TK Products is proud to offer isolation panels for dog kennels in our online store. Our inventory of dog kennel isolation panels for sale includes options for many of our most popular products, designed for easy integration into any of our hot-dip galvanized steel enclosures.

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What Are Isolation Panels Used For?

Isolation panels are used to provide many benefits including increased privacy and resistance to the wind for dogs within the kennel. Placed on any of the walls of a back-to-back or side to side enclosure, isolation panels help boarded dogs feel safe and secure in their own secluded space.

Studies have shown that isolation panels both reduce stress in animals and decrease the amount of aggressive behavior between adjacent runs. Isolation panels are highly versatile and can be moved and installed to fit any specific dog boarding circumstance.

Why Choose TK Products for Your Isolation Panels?

TK Products has a long history of working with championship dogs, never sacrificing quality in any aspect of our business. Our isolation panels are made of a non-toxic black textured HDPE composite that is naturally resistant to aesthetic damage from scratches and bites.

Find The Perfect Isolation Panel For Your Dog Kennel With TK Products.

TK Products isolation panels are designed to specifically integrate with our high-quality wire mesh dog runs, though they can also be used as part of other enclosures. Available at retail and commercial prices, please contact us today if you have any questions about your small or large dog kennel isolation panel order.