Multiple Run Kennels

Multi-Unit Steel Dog Runs & Kennels

TK Products is a nationwide supplier of multi-unit and multiple run dog kennels. Our inventory of high quality, long lasting steel dog runs contains options for both personal and commercial dog boarding with easy assembly for all our galvanized steel dog kennels.

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Why Choose TK Products for Your Multiple Run Kennels?

With years of championship dog breeding and boarding experience, TK Products only sells multi-unit kennels that are safe, secure, and durable. Beyond our multiple run dog kennels for sale, TK Products also supplies top mesh panels, isolation panels, replacement parts, and other accessories to serve all your dog boarding needs.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we are proud to offer a 5-year warranty on all our multi-unit kennels. Above and beyond the guarantees of our competitors, TK Products prides itself on the ability to ship high quality steel dog runs across the country.

Can You Use These Multiple Run Kennels for Other Animals?

Yes, beyond the wide variety of dog breeds that can make use of our multi-unit kennels, our fully enclosed steel pens are perfectly suited for animals of all kinds. While we wouldn’t necessarily advise keeping different species in adjourning runs, our products are great for cats, reptiles, large birds, and pets of all kinds.

Purchase a Long-Lasting Multi-Unit Kennel from TK Products.

Whether you’ve got a few pups at home or are running the entire animal shelter, feel free to contact TK Products if you have any questions about our enclosures. We look forward to helping you with your next multi-unit dog kennel purchase.