10 Foot Wide Kennel & Runs for Dogs, Cats, Reptiles Birds & More

10-Foot-Wide Galvanized Steel Dog Kennels

If you have a dog or two (or more) that is in need of a large pen, purchase a 10-foot-wide kennel from TK Products. Our galvanized steel 10 ft wide dog kennels are for sale in single enclosures as well as multiple run units to accommodate up to half of a dozen animals at once.

Available for individual dog owners, breeders, and shelters alike, our 10-foot-wide dog kennels can safely provide boarding solutions for animal caregivers of all types.

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Why Choose TK Products for Your 10ft Wide Dog Kennels?

TK Products is proud to channel our extensive history in championship dog breeding, care, and boarding into the quality of our 10-foot-wide dog kennels. As with all our dog runs for sale, TK Products’ 10-foot-wide dog kennels come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure years of safe and secure use.

In addition to the continued quality guaranteed by a rust-free galvanized dip, our attractive kennels keep their composure with dirt and debris-resistant welded mitered corners. With 6-gauge wire conveniently inserted into pre-drilled frame holes, each panel is designed to safely house animals of all kinds behind the 2 inches by 4-inch holes.


TK Products 10 foot long by 10-foot-wide dog kennels for sale can be purchased at both retail and wholesale rates, based on a free quote from a member of our team. We can accommodate large quantity orders and can also supply top mesh panels, isolation panels, and other kennel accessories to perfect your next order.