Kennel Hardware for Installation, Repair & Replacement

Dog Kennel Hardware for Repair & Replacement Parts

In addition to our high-quality dog runs, TK Products supplies hardware for kennel owners in need of spare or replacement parts. Our inventory of dog kennel replacement hardware for sale includes affordable options for door, panel, and assembly repair parts, in single and multiple quantities available for shipping nationwide.

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Should I Have Replacement Parts on Hand at All Times?

Yes. Whether you are boarding one dog or a dozen separate animals, replacement parts are crucial in the event of damage or malfunction. Although our high-quality stainless-steel dog runs are designed for durable performance, outside forces and prolonged use may create the need for a replacement part whenever you least expect it.

Be prepared for continuously safe and secure animal boarding with all our dog kennel replacement parts for sale in our online store.

Buy All Your Dog Kennel Parts & Hardware from TK Products

For seamless replacement and repair, we sell coupling assemblies, mounting kits, and door parts with all the washers, nuts, bolts, and screws to easily integrate with your kennel. Our intentionally designed dog runs have very few moving parts, and everything from the small door spring to the large center support beam can be easily purchased for a simple repair. Need some feet for your kennel? We also sell adjustable leg inserts for enclosure corners with the hardware to easily steady your TK Products dog kennel.

Purchase TK Products’ backup, spare, and replacement parts for dog kennels.

Whether you are simply becoming prepared or need to replace your homemade solution as soon as possible, TK Products’ inventory of dog kennel replacement hardware is available for retail and wholesale purchases. Please contact us today if you have any questions about your next order.