Quick Lock Door Handle, Stainless Steel w/ Stainless steel spring.


Our Quick Lock Door Handle utilizes a custom designed knob that can be pushed in, to snap it into lock the locked position or pulled out, to snap it into the unlock position. The custom knob can be installed into either side of the handle which means the handle is reversible for left or right side door installations. The spring loaded door latch is solid stainless steel with an internal stainless spring that holds the latch shut which helps prevent your pet from opening the door. The Quick Lock Handle also has integrated padlock holes for even more security so it can be locked for your pets safety. Because the same knob that opens and closes the door is also pushed in or pulled out to lock and unlock the door you will still have the ease of one handed door opening during feeding time. Combining this one hand feature with doors that open in or out will save you time as well as the frustration of trying to open the door with feed bowls in your hand.

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