Back to Back Kennels - Multi-Unit Enclosures

Back-to-Back Stainless Steel Dog Kennels

TK Products’ complete 12 Run Back-to-Back Kennel is one of the largest and best-selling dog pens in our online store. With shipping available to dog owners and commercial boarding organizations of all kinds, our back-to-back dog kennels are designed to safely shelter a dozen separate animals in one convenient, efficient, and long-lasting system.

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Benefits of Back-to-Back Kennels

By choosing a back-to-back kennel, you get more bang for your buck with fewer panels used to create the same amount of runs as a traditional, side by side arrangement. Not only do they save you money upfront, but back-to-back dog kennels also save you time on assembly as well as disassembly and reassembly if necessary.

Why Choose TK Products For Your Back-To-Back Dog Kennels?

With our back-to-back 5ft x 5ft dog kennels, TK Products provides high quality parts designed for easy assembly and long-lasting use. Our back-to-back stainless steel dog runs are rated for both indoor and outdoor instances, making them highly versatile for animal boarding in any property or climate condition.

Best of all, our back-to-back kennels come standard with our Pro-Series warranty that covers 5 years of ordinary use. Surpassing many guarantees of our competitors, our back-to-back dog runs are dipped in a special galvanized coating to ensure a long, safe product lifespan.

Choose TK Products for the perfect back-to-back dog kennel.

If you have any questions about our back-to-back stainless steel dog kennels, please feel free to reach out to us regarding the materials, availability, and shipping on any of our products. And don’t forget, we also sell top mesh and isolation panels to help you design your perfect enclosure.