Complete 3’x4’ Kennel w/8-3” Stainless Steel Bolt Assemblies


A complete single free standing 3’W x 4’L x 6’H Dog kennel complete with a stainless steel door handle, all the stainless steel bolt assemblies and plastic leg inserts.

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Complete 3’x4’ Kennel w/8-3” Stainless-Steel Bolt Assemblies

TK Products’ complete 3’x4’ kennel w/8-3” stainless-steel bolt assemblies come with everything you need for quick, easy, and long-lasting secure dog boarding. Manufactured for durable indoor and outdoor performance, this 6-foot-high dog run incorporates high-quality parts incorporated into its superior design.

Complete with a stainless-steel door handle and plastic leg inserts, these 3 feet by 4-foot free-standing kennel is perfect for animals that are comfortable in 12 square foot spaces. To mitigate potential damage, kennel parts are dipped in a galvanized coating and backed by our 5-year warranty.


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