Complete 4’x4’ Kennel w/8-3” Stainless steel bolt assemblies


A complete single free standing 4’W x 4’L x 6’H Dog kennel complete with a stainless steel door handle, all the stainless steel bolt assemblies and plastic leg inserts.

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Complete 4’x4’ Kennel w/8-3” Stainless-steel Bolt Assemblies 

For 16 square feet of safe and secure dog boarding, TK Products LLC supplies our complete 4’x’4 kennel w/8-3” stainless-steel bolt assemblies. Each 6-foot-high kennel features a spring-loaded locking door handle, which opens to 90 degrees and beyond.

Our complete 4 foot by 4-foot dog kennel is warrantied for years of free-standing indoor and outdoor use. Designed for easy assembly, each 4’x4’ dog run includes durable plastic leg inserts and mitered corners to help protect your kennel from the elements.


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